Choosing the best roofing material

Posted on: August 3, 2020

From the moment I shared my plans to build a new home I started receiving suggestions to go with a metal roof and after researching everything about it - I don’t think there’s a better roofing option out there - these are just some of the benefits:⁣

✔️ warranted to last a lifetime⁣
✔️ energy star rated - lower energy bills ⁣
✔️ will not rust, rot, split or curl⁣
✔️ resistant to aging, peeling, cracking, fading⁣
✔️ easy to install ⁣
✔️ fire resistant ⁣
✔️ made with 95% recycled materials ⁣
✔️ warranted to withstand 165 mph winds⁣
✔️ can be installed over most existing roofing⁣
✔️ comes in many styles and colors⁣

My shingles are by @aluminumshingle (Perma Lock) and their lifetime warranty is transferable - meaning that even if you sell your home in the future the next owner will still have their warrantee on the roof, so this is a huge selling point (roofs often cause problems during resale - they leak and/or need to be fixed or replaced) ⁣

And can we talk about how gorgeous these shingles are?! They look very similar to traditional asphalt shingles but better - more modern, sleek, elevated. ⁣

Thank you to our sponsor Perma Lock for making this video possible!⁣

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