How it all began

Posted on: June 1, 2018

I definitely did not grow up around construction. No one in my family ever worked in this business. I became very interested in home building and design when I was a teenager: while house hunting for our own home, my parents took me with them to see a model home in a brand new subdivision located not too far from where I’m building my own dream home today.⁣
That day changed my life. I was beyond impressed by the beautifully decorated model home, but what left a lasting impression on me and ended up changing the course of my life, is when we got in the car and drove around that new development that was still under construction - it was the first time I saw how homes are built. I witnessed various stages of construction - foundation, framing, roofing, siding. I understood what it takes to create that perfectly decorated model home I toured earlier and realized that THAT was exactly what I wanted to do for a living when I grow up.⁣
There was nothing I wanted more than for my parents to buy one of the beautiful homes in that development, but after they figured out all the financials related to buying there, they told me they simply couldn’t afford it. I was a kid, I didn’t understand mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, so I remember feeling upset and angry. That anger very quickly turned into unstoppable drive to learn everything I could about construction, design and real estate to later build a successful career in that business so I would be able to afford and build a beautiful house like that myself one day.⁣
I bought my first investment property at 23 and have been building, remodeling and designing homes for over a decade ever since. Oh my goodness this is not an easy business, but there’s absolutely nothing that brings me more joy than watching a home being built... especially the one I designed myself ♥️⁣

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