Land clearing and prep

Posted on: July 22, 2019

Two weeks ago I did a poll in my Instagram stories asking if you’d be interested in seeing the process of land clearing/preparation and 85% of you said YES - I was surprised because technically this part isn’t about actual home construction, but yes, it is a requirement prior to starting construction of every single home. I arranged for a videographer to capture the process with a drone over the course of 2 days, so now you can see exactly how it happened in my case, although every case is different ...⁣

Most of the brush and trees on my property were broken, too skinny and too soft to be re-used for lumber or firewood, but ideal to be recycled into mulch. This isn’t always the case - remember that every property is different and requires different equipment and tree recycling method, so I’d definitely recommend meeting with an experienced land clearing professional on your job site to determine the best approach for your specific situation.⁣

I can’t believe I’m finally saying this but, guys, we’re breaking ground next week!

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