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Posted on: June 18, 2018

Yesterday I shared some exciting news with my family and friends - I started thinking about building again. As much as I love my townhouse, it is not ideal for my lifestyle and I feel like at this point in my life I am ready to settle down and build my ultimate dream home. Here’s what prompted this decision:
1. I need to be closer to NYC. I’m in NY almost every day and my townhouse is about an hour away from the city. I would love to cut my commute in half, but still live in the suburbs. I’m currently looking in northern NJ, CT and Long Island.

2. I’ve never lived in a townhouse before and while I love all of the amenities in my community - I miss privacy and space. I love to entertain but can never host more than six guests comfortably, and my backyard offers very little privacy.

3. My most desired feature in a home is high ceilings and that is something I can not change in this home.

4. I miss building for myself from scratch. I’ve shared with you before that there’s nothing I love more than being “under construction” and just the idea of starting to work on my own home brings so much joy - I’m smiling just writing this sentence. And this time around I would create my ultimate dream home with everything I have ever wanted in a home. I’m also excited that I’ll get to share the entire process with all of you - from finding the perfect piece of land, to designing the blueprint with my architect, to building, and last but not least, decorating!
I’m in the very early stages of the process but wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. I will still be living in this townhouse for the next two years while I’m looking for land and then building. I love this townhouse and have no plans of selling it and hoping that my sister or parents will move here when I move out.

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