The importance of a good subfloor system

Posted on: November 3, 2019

This is what prevents squeaky floors. Make sure to watch this video with sound - this is a premium, high quality product, and with all of the benefits it offers - you would think it costs a fortune but the entire system (panels + their special glue) costs only about $300 more (for an average 2500sf house) compared to regular plywood+glue. This is AdvanTech subfloor system by @huberwood and it’s THE best floor you can get for your home. ⁣

Make sure to share this video with everyone you know who’s planning to build or remodel in the future - for just a few hundred dollars more, it’s a must upgrade to ensure a house will have flat, stiff, perfectly straight and most importantly squeak-free floors. ⁣

Thank you to our sponsor @huberwood for making this video possible! ⁣⁣⁣

Framing contractor: @east_coast_framers⁣⁣
Architect: @planarchitecture⁣⁣
Subfloor: AdvanTech by @huberwood

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